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Building a Time Machine

As most people, I will go through every single day of my life experiencing a lot of different experiences and moments from which some feel more special than others. And as some kind of hoarder, I will try to collect as much of these special moments as possible in case I will forget them. That's... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself & I

A little while ago, my emotions were all over the place again. When something like that happens, I tend to write a note to myself to calm myself down and to read it in later similar situations. These notes can be quite helpful for me personally, so I hope by posting it online I may... Continue Reading →

Photographic Mood

Let's be honest right from the start: I'm not some professional/gifted artist with an endless creativity. I just like to get creative every now and then, which sometimes turns out better than I expected. I am really a person that enjoys the small things around me: the way a sunbeam falls through the branches, a... Continue Reading →

New series: Short stories

Hi everyone! I want to introduce a new small series I'm planning to make on this blog: I will post several short stories I wrote by myself for you guys to read. Writing is something I do mostly for fun in my spare time. My interest in writing started already a couple of years ago... Continue Reading →

Why I can’t stand #relationshipgoals

Who hasn't seen a post that says "OMG #relationshipgoals!!!" or has experienced some 'goals' worthy situation being pointed out to you. Often it is meant as a compliment, which I at first could appreciate. But now it just annoys me quite a bit. When people scream full excitement how something is totally #relationshipgoals, it often... Continue Reading →

Destructive social opinions

Everybody deals with the opinions of others in their lives. Some opinions may compliment your visions, while others can break you down completely. I myself have experienced both as well. Unfortunately, the destructive ones can leave long-lasting scars instead of fading away like a memory at ease. The intentions of these opinions may variate, but... Continue Reading →

A little confidence reminder

We all wish we could stick to it 24/7, but in reality, it can fade away at certain moments. Having a healthy dose of confidence in your daily life is crucial, so let me help you boost your confidence today with this short reminder. A short while ago, I experienced that moment again where I... Continue Reading →

My vita parva

Hey everyone! I thought that it was time to properly introduce myself and tell you something about the person behind the keyboard. In this way you get to know a bit more about me, so let's start ^_^. My (full) name is Cindy Taheij and I'm a girl who lives in the Netherlands. I was... Continue Reading →

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